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Variable Rate Application

Variable Rate Technology (VRT) allows producers and growers to vary the rate of crop inputs on the move according to site specific plans created beforehand in relation to an accurate GPS location


The benefits of variable rate fertiliser and lime applications increase productivity, improve nutrient use efficiency and restore a good balanced equilibrium of soil nutrition


The Principle of precision farming is nothing new, our farming forefathers had the fore-site and ability to identify and segregate land types usually by fences and hedges, with CAP incentives and a period of extensification we lost the ability to treat these larger fields with variable rates to suit crop demand and residual nutrient status.


With developments in GPS technology and increased afford-ability GPS technology we can now go back to farming these individual fields without the constraints of hedges and fences. GPS is common place on many farms throughout the UK now and its this technology that Crop Services has invested in to deliver a more precise solution to nutrient application.



The company operates one self propelled, two trailed and a rear mounted weigh-cell machine. All


the machines are equipped for variable rate application, auto boundary control and Auto Steer.



We can spread from application files created by all the precision farming service providers or from our own in house sampling services. We also offer a data processing service for combine yield map interpretation so application maps can be created directly from crop off-take.



Crop Services Variable rate

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